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  • SAT Centre in Ikorodu

    Get the best SAT Lectures in Ikorodu, Lagos

Do you yearn for scholarship to study abroad? SAT is one-stop exam that gets you there. Our SAT centre in Ikorodu has the best resources to guide you through ensuring your dream of international education achieved.

Our SAT Tutorial Score Booster Framework

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our SAT tutorial model is exceptionally fashioned to meet admissions and financial requirements set by institutions. Our SAT lectures in Ikorodu encapsulates all the key areas that are tested in the new digital SAT

In-depth Tutorials

With 6 weeks long of coaching, we place our students at the best chance of hitting highly vantage scores that make them admissible in any university around the world and also open doors of scholarships.

Unlimited Practice Tests

Picking from varieties of resources, we test students readiness with series of test practices that adpats with the new Digital SAT in all sections of the test with constructive feedbacks.

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What's New with the The Digital SAT?

digital SAT

Class Schedule

  • Next Class: Monday, July 15th, 2024
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Time: 3pm - 5pm
  • Days: Mondays - Thursdays

Payment & Pricing

Exam Registration Fee: NGN224,750 

Lecture Fee: NGN90,000

All payments are payable to Spectrum Global Education LTD's Zenith account number: 1224343186 or use the link below for online payment.

N:B A valid international passport is required to take the SAT. No other means of identification is acceptable

 Examination DatesRegistration Deadlines Commencement of Classes
 August 24th, 2024August 9th, 2024July 15th, 2024
 October 5th, 2024September 20th, 2024August 26th, 2024
 November 2nd, 2024October18th, 2024September 23rd, 2024
 December 7th, 2024November 22nd, 2024October 28th, 2024
March 8th, 2025February 21st, 2025January 27th, 2025
May 3rd, 2025April 18th, 2025March 24th, 2025
June 7th, 2025May 22nd, 2025April 28th, 2025